Perpetual Nomads: Regional Arts NSW

“…an early access version of Perpetual Nomads has gone on sale. Perpetual Nomads is a virtual reality adventure funded by Screen Australia and the Canada Media Fund, and Breeze featured as Co-Producer, Creative Director, Lead Writer and Narrative Designer/Developer.” Read more:

“Perpetual Nomads is an immersive and visually impressive short story…”

“Perpetual Nomads is an immersive and visually impressive short story that contains great potential for discussions on technology and human behavior. The entire VR experience takes about half an hour to complete and could easily be used in schools.” – Elliot Hu-Au, “Virtual Reality in Education”.  

Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads Early Access Release Now Out

Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads

Perpetual Nomads is now available in Early Access Release! This innovative Virtual Reality Experience, coproduced by Mez Breeze Design and BradField Narrative Designs, is the next instalment of the award-winning interactive story Inanimate Alice. First established in 2005, Inanimate Alice features the world traveling character Alice in her various adventures. The series is highly regarded in the digital fiction sphere … Read More