Electronic Literature ELO 17, Porto, Portugal

Recently spotted in Portugal, the Perpetually Nomadic Alice is always on the move

We were pleased to give a short presentation about Inanimate Alice at the 2017 ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) Conference last month.

The Conference which ran from July 18-22 was hosted by University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal, alongside a series of digital literature exhibits in and around the centre of this historic city. Inanimate Alice Episode 5 made an appearance in the Children’s Electronic Literature section alongside other works such as Lil’ Red, Switcheroo and Augmented Beasts.

Ana Machado and Ana Aguilar, University Coimbra, PortugalOur presentation, entitled “Inanimate Alice – The Story of the Series and its Impact in Portugal” was given by Alice’s Lead Developer Andy Campbell (Dreaming Methods) alongside Ana Machado and Ana Aguilar both from the University Coimbra, Portugal. Starting out with a swift potted history of the series – the first episode of which made an appearance way back in 2005 – the talk explored Alice’s success with Education Services Australia; being the first digital text to be included in an English Language Curriculum; and how many hundreds of students and teachers across the globe have been inspired to create their own ‘next episodes.

This led into an overview of Alice’s exciting new Virtual Reality adventure ‘Perpetual Nomads’, due for release at the end of 2017, where ‘being in Alice’s shoes’ takes on a whole new level of meaning. Ana Machado and Ana Aguilar then explained the fascinating process (and challenges) of translating the entire series into Portuguese and their mission to bring Alice onto the reading curriculum in Portugal.

2017 Turn On Literature Prize: Honourable Nomination Received!

Well, this is tingle-worthy news: our Beta version of Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads has received an Honourable Mention in the 2017 Turn On Literature Prize! We were notified of the amazing news on the 30th June by two Jury members, Venlig Hilsen and Allan Thomsen Volhøj, who said:

“Thank you for your take on the digital turn reflected in literature of the future. We are honored to have received your piece as a contestant in the competition of The Turn On Literature Prize and/or the possibility of the following exhibition of the shortlisted pieces…Your work deserves honorable mention and we would like to display your work.”

For those of you not in the Turn On Literature Prize loop, it’s funded under the EU Program Creative Europe and involves showcase exhibitions of the shortlisted works at libraries in Bergen, Norway, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania and Roskilde, Denmark. The exhibitions will last 5 weeks in each location. A total of 100,000 people are expected to visit the exhibitions. The Prize will display the selected works of electronic literature, which they define as “…works with important literary aspects that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by a stand-alone or networked computer.”

Yay to us for achieving this Honorable Mention, and a special grats too to three of our Inanimate Alice team members – Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell and Chris Joseph – for having their project All the Delicate Duplicates make the shortlist for the Prize! Whoo!

Perpetual Nomads, May 2017: Shortlisted and Keynoted

Seems as if there’s something magic in the air this month: maybe it’s May Madness reaching fever pitch? Or something.

…aaaaaaaanyway, here at PN headquarters we have two exciting news-bits to share, the first being that our Beta version has been shortlisted in the first ever UK competition to find the best new examples of popular Digital Fiction! As the University of Bangor says about the competition:

The Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition, run by Sheffield Hallam University and Bangor University, and part of the AHRC-funded Reading Digital Fiction project, is awarding prizes to winners in the categories of Judges’ Prize, People’s Choice, Student Prize and Children’s Story Prize.

The public is invited to the event, to take place at 7pm in the Main Arts Lecture Theatre, College Road, Bangor. Event details can be found here. All are welcome to read and vote on the People’s Choice shortlist by visiting our competition website.

Digital fictions are different to e-books and are known as ‘born digital’, as they would lose some of their form and meaning if they were removed from the digital medium.

Digital fictions require the reader to interact with the narrative throughout the reading experience. This may include hyperlinks, moving images, mini-games or sound effects. In many digital fictions, the reader has a role in constructing the narrative by controlling a character’s journey through the story.

As if that wasn’t enough for fabbo news for one month, Perpetual Nomads has also found its way into the Keynote given by the talented Carolyn Guertin at “Digital Narratives Around the World: A Symposium on the Global Encounters of Computing and Storytelling”. In her talk, Carolyn outlined:

“…how transmedia is a transcultural phenomena and…how literary transmedia is being used as a cultural framework for small screen digital storytelling that uses storyworlds to reflect glocal realities.”

We’re chuffed too that Jess Laccetti, one of our lovely Inanimate Alice boffins, tweet-documented some of Carolyn’s Keynote here (thanks, Jess!):

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