Perpetual Nomads Featured at AASL

On the 9th – 11th of November, Inanimate Alice Series Producer, Ian Harper, showcased an exclusive preview of content from the new Inanimate Alice VR Adventure, Perpetual Nomads, at the American Association of School Librarians Conference (AASL) held in Phoenix, Arizona.  This showcase provided the first opportunity for Ian to follow up on AASL’s previous recognition of the Inanimate Alice series as a Best Website. Ian reported that it was great chatting with long-term users and introducing the work to those new to the series. Thanks to old friends like Joyce Valenza, Ian got to say “Hello” more often than anticipated!

For those not at the conference, the leaflet introducing Alice’s latest adventure is available here. It provides some insights into Perpetual Nomads progress, as well as the overall series. AASL members will be seeing more of Alice in the coming months, and everyone will be seeing much more of Alice in 2018!

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