Perpetual Nomads Launches at FVRL

Perpetual Nomads launches at FVRL on Friday, 22 March 2019 from 14:00-16:00 PDT : “FVRL invites you to explore Alice’s most recent episode, Perpetual Nomads, a high-definition virtual reality experience. Immerse yourself in Alice’s world!

Learn more about Alice with your friends during this special library event. The experience takes some figuring out, so it works best to laugh with your friends as you navigate the mysterious and suspenseful landscape.

Please call or visit the library to register your group (maximum of five participants). Don’t have a group? No problem. Just let us know and we’ll find you a place!

There are three sessions scheduled for 2 pm, 2:40 pm, and 3:20 pm.

Please Note:
•Registration is necessary. Participants will register for a session either individually or with groups of up to five. Groups may be scheduled for a shared session.
•This program is a group activity, but only one participant can use the VR at a time.
•Each session will be approximately 45–60 minutes long.
•This program is intended for those ages 10+ or 48″+ tall.
•Participants must read and sign a waiver. Parents/guardians must sign the waiver for minors.
•Participants play at their own risk.

Inanimate Alice Perpetual Nomads is produced by Bradfield Narrative Designs and Mez Breeze Design.”

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