Perpetual Nomads Wins the 2020 WDLA Readers’ Choice Award

Some *incredibly* good news from here: the inaugural 2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award – Readers’ Choice Prize has been awarded to our very own Perpetual Nomads! A massive thank you goes out to all the readers and fans that voted for the project. The groundswell of support from voters all around the globe has been incredibly heartening, and included [based on voter feedback] individuals from areas as diverse as the Electronic Literature/Digital Lit spheres, STARTS Australia, the XR Artist Collective, the Australia Creative XR Artist group, Women in VR and “I Teach with Inanimate Alice” teachers, fanbase, students, and friends.

The WDLA judges comment’s regarding Perpetual Nomads [and the Award itself]:

Mez Breeze’s Perpetual Nomads explores loneliness, paranoia, and privacy in the digital age. Using virtual reality, Perpetual Nomads innovates how narratives can look. Featuring engaging character work from sketchy online personas to too-friendly corporations, Mez Breeze opens up possibilities for storytelling through digital mediums.

The Woollahra Digital Literary Award is a national literary award supporting innovation in Australian literature and publishing, encouraging writers producing work in a digital medium. The award seeks submissions of a literary nature that are digitally born – published online or in electronic form.

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